Terms and Conditions

1. Commitment.
Realeyezation is committed to the best of its ability to make the guidance a success. From the side of the client / student / workshop participant, commitment is expected (i.e. involvement in their own process and in the coaching process). To ensure the necessary relationship of trust, Realeyezation and the client take great care to each other. An agreement is signed for counselling and coaching, which is received and explained after the intake interview.
2. Quotation agreement with companies.
Since this is custom work, an agreement is made with the agreed upon receipt of the signed offer / order confirmation. The quotation / order confirmation remains valid for 14 days, after which invoicing will take place. Realeyezation is not responsible for guaranteeing the success of current trajectories at companies. Each client takes care of a processing agreement with regard to the security of personal data (General Data Protection Regulation).
3. Privacy policy
The personal data is handled very carefully and is not given or sold to third parties.
You can indicate by email if you wish to destroy your personal data.
The following applies to clients / students and workshop participants. Everything discussed remains confidential. Realeyezation is bound by the ethical code to maintain the secrecy of what is discussed within Dutch law. The file that Realeyezation keeps for clients and students is confidential and for personal use. You will receive an agreement at the first contact that also states whether or not you give permission (without personal data) to use your story and or part of it for research, studies, training and publication (book / website). Realeyezation only contacts third parties, exclusively after consultation and with the consent of the client / student. An exception can be made to this if there is a legal obligation to provide information or in the context of a complaint procedure.
This website contains links to other websites. Realeyezation.nl is not responsible for the privacy policy or content of these third-party websites. 
4. Emergencies.
Regular evaluation of the process and being able to openly express both sides and discuss any dissatisfaction, questions or doubts are an essential part of the guidance. After all, the starting point is equivalent. Clients / students can contact Realeyezation directly in case of emergency via email or telephone.
5. Payment.
Coaching and counselling sessions are paid in cash at the end of each session, at the applicable or agreed rate, unless otherwise agreed. You will receive an invoice by email after the session. After receiving an invoice, online coaching- and counselling, workshops and courses are transferred in advance to the bank account of Realeyezation. Only workshops can be paid in cash on the day the workshop is received. In the event of invoicing, this must be paid within 14 days of the invoice date, to avoid extra administration costs of € 25.
6. Cancel an appointment.
Appointments can be cancelled free of charge within 48 hours by the client / student / workshop participant, if this period is exceeded, the session will be charged. These conditions also apply to following workshops and courses (except those that are given abroad).
For workshops, a different date is looked forward to and for courses, catch-up days are possible in consultation.
The same rule applies to the Intuitive Painting and Meditative Drawing course and the Painter-drawing course. Catch-up classes are expected to be taken in the same month in consultation or during the Open Studio Days, which are regularly mentioned in the Agenda. Appointments can be cancelled by telephone, possibly use voicemail where it is clearly stated which session or workshop / course is concerned, stating name and telephone number so that Realeyezation can contact you.
7. Complaints procedure.
If we cannot find a solution together, any complaints can be submitted. Realeyezation is affiliated with Solopartners CRKBO and the Counselling Foundation. This complaints procedure is accessible to clients and other interested parties.
8. Liability.
Realeyezation is not responsible for the behaviour of its client / student or workshop participant during and outside the sessions. The client (student or workshop participant) remains responsible for his or her own behaviour and the consequences thereof. Realeyezation can never be held liable for attempts at self-mutilation or suicide. Dutch law applies to disputes and has been brought before a Dutch court.
9. Courses and Training
A.  It is not allowed to use or passed on to third parties of; shared information and the content of the course / training without written permission from Ernya Hilton-de Kooter. Some parts of the course / training will be released, provided that the source is acknowledged by Realeyezation, after passing the exam.  
B.  Both towards each other are expected to act and communicate with respect. It is also considered respectful with the materials in the studio (paint, brushes, easel and other materials) and / or nature (nothing to pick or break or otherwise hurt nature. If you encounter something on your path and it has already been broken down, or fallen you can take this with you, provided it does not disturb nature).
C. Each participant will endeavour to authentically complete the course.
D. Each participant is responsible for her / his own learning processes during the course / training. No one else can be held responsable for this. If problems or confrontations arise, Realeyezation is never responsable.
E. Participation in groups; You understand that your participation in the course and your participation in the group is of a great importance to your fellow students. If for whatever reason your participation can no longer be present, you are expected to report this and amply your intent within 3 weeks to Realeyezation. Payments are not returned. The assignments and any questions are asked to the entire group, including Realeyezation (info AT realeyezation DOT nl). An exception is if you follow the course / training individually, where no participation is necessary and only contact Ernya directly via email and / or evaluation days. 
F. It is not possible to learn anything without feedback. If you receive and give pure feedback, this can speed up the learning process. Of course, always with respect. You give feedback from within yourself, without advising the other or even worse expressing a sharp opinion or comment.
1. Ask for feedback
2. Be open to feedback given and received
3. Try to understand the feedback
4. Do not argue or defend
5. Read carefully and if necessary, ask for clarification
6. Show appreciation for the feedback provider
7. Rate the feedback for its relevance / usefulness
8. Do something with the feedback
9. Do not immediately interpret criticism as an attack on yourself as a person
10. Don't get on the defensive right away, so slow down your emotions.
11. Be open to compliments, don't pretend they aren't important.
G.  You hereby give permission to use (parts of) text and / or photos of you (without mentioning personal data) and / or to place them on the Realeyezation website and used as study material. If you do not agree with this, please send an email to info AT realeyezation DOT nl with the description: "General conditions *G"; not agree or in consultation.
H.  Online students have a number of skype / WhatsApp / telephone hours credit for questions and evaluations. Please indicate this when registering (individual agreements are always in consultation).
I. If a date is not convenient to start the course or intermediate course days that cannot be followed, there is always room to notify us in time or via your registration. 
10. Cancellations Workshops / courses.
Realeyezation has the right to cancel a workshop / course up to 5 working days before the start of the workshop / course in question. You will receive a message 5 working days before the start of the workshop / course. If possible, a suitable alternative is offered. If you use this, the participation costs will not be returned. If you do not find the offer suitable, you are entitled to a refund of the participation costs.
Courses that are cancelled during the course will be offered a refund by means of a voucher after deduction of the number of course days taken. Courses that are cancelled 5 days before the start of the course, the course fee will be returned. 
Workshops / courses that are given in the open air can, due to the weather conditions, be moved by Realeyezation for the safety of participants 12 hours in advance to another date and / or location in consultation with the participants.
Workshops and courses given by Realeyezation abroad can be cancelled free of charge 2 weeks before the start. No payment will be returned after the expiry of these 2 weeks.
11. Counselling / Coaching sessions.
Realeyezation has the right to cancel a session up to 48 hours before the start. You will receive a message about this within 48 hours. If necessary, it is examined together whether there is a referral.
12. Sales / Rental
Shipping costs are borne by the buyer. If you want to return the product (or have it picked up), the same rules apply. This can be done within 14 days. Product must be undamaged to qualify for a refund. An agreement is signed by both parties for sale and / or rental.
13. Changes.
All prices quoted are subject to errors and changes. These General Terms and Conditions apply from May 5, 2018 and remain valid until changes are indicated in writing by Realeyezation. You can submit a request yourself, if you want to stay informed via the changes via email.