Life and Online Intuitive Painting and Drawing Course.

What is intuition? Intuition is a truth that is not based on facts or reasoning, but from a feeling that is difficult to explain. It is also sometimes called the "gut feeling". From Latin it literally means "Seeing inside".

The Intuitive Painting and Mediative Drawing course offers you opportunities to do more with your creativity than just painting or drawing by yourself, or to discover your creativity! '

Painting and / or drawing from your heart and soul, brings you closer to yourself '

Are you looking for peace and balance in your life, relationship and / or work?
Are you looking for a course to develop yourself more intuitively or spiritually?
Are you looking for answers to questions that regularly go through your head?

This course gives you guidance on how to achieve this with many new insights to achieve your goals. You learn, among other things, to translate colors and shapes to be able to read your own painting, what your heart tells you and your head often does not know yet.

LIFE COURSE Intuitive Painting and Mediative Drawing in the studio:

The course is incl. materials, just you take care for a canvas.

We work with various themes (there is also room for an individual theme).
Each theme is based on a color, material, awareness, intuition, natural part or sense.

And we work from different meanings from different cultures, including chakras, native americans, celtics, color therapy and the psychological and symbolic meanings of the colors and natural parts.


Personal processes:
Your personal processes become visible to you.

Ernya is focused on your personal process throughout the course to get where you want to be, understand where you are now and what you can change to achieve your goals. Everything in a relaxed and cozy atmosphere. You can laugh and cry, and always respect each other.

From thinking to feeling:
Do you worry a lot or do you think often and do you not come to a solution?

Then it is difficult to get to your feeling and intuition. To get from thinking to feeling, you learn to listen to your intuition, your heart and soul. You learn to apply this in your life, work, relationships and life goals. You learn what your intuition has to tell you. You learn to use thinking and feeling in the right way to regain peace and balance in your daily life. You experience and learn what the colors, shapes and manifestations mean to you.

Communicating with yourself and others:
Colors and shapes tell us what we are unconsciously doing or want to be doing at the time. Colors and pictures say more than 1000 words. For centuries, colors have been important to people, in nature but also in communication with each other and with yourself.

This course is also very suitable for couples to take on the 'challenge' together to realize a renewed relationship within a year. Back in love, happy and finding peace with new goals that you will work on together.

By learning and applying various techniques you can ultimately enjoy beautiful results to be proud of. Both on the projects and on yourself. You have not only worked on a special painting every month, but also on yourself! The works of your fellow students also provide great insights and new perspectives.

Catch-up lessons for student in the studio:
If you can't come once, no problem. You can do this for free in mutual consultation.

Do you have a problem that doesn't work out for you and do you need 1-on-1 painting sessions?
Please contact Ernya to make an appointment together.

If you want to get acquainted with the course first, you can register for the Intuitive Painting workshop in the studio.

Year course: The year course is valid for 1 year from the time of registration. From that moment on you will work for 10 months (4 lessons per month) in the studio or online on your paintings or drawings. There is room for catch-up lessons if you cannot come a day, you have 2 months extra for this. Only by appointment.

3 Month cours: During 3 months (12 lessons total) you work on 3 themes, which you choose yourself.

Monthly course: The monthly course offers 4 lessons. You can board every month.

Regular discounts are given on the Atelier Ernya Facebook page.

You can also follow individual lessons, which must be communicated at least 48 hours in advance to see if there is place for you in the studio.

You can easily register with AGENDA and indicate your wishes under 'comments'. I will contact you personally.

ONLINE COURSE Intuitive Painting and Mediative Drawing:

The online course is a 5 month course: You will receive 5 modules for 5 months.

You will receive 1 module per month with 4 or more assignment (s) and a reflection form.

Module 1: Self Experience (discovering your own truth)

Module 2: Color and shape theory (incl. Color Circle)

Module 3: Intuition and other senses

Module 4: Knowledge of materials

Module 5: Visualization, meditation and music

You will work on your assignment (s) for 4 weeks (at least 2 hours at a time, per week). They are painting, drawing assignments and insight assignments. You learn to read your own paintings, drawings, collages, zendalas etc, in other words; "what does my work tells me?" and "what does it means what I have made intuitive?"

We will keep in touch by email for submissions and feedback.

In addition, if you wish, you will receive personal contact 1 hour per week by videochat What'sapp, Skype or by phone. Let me know by email if you are intersted, so we can plan a day and time together. If you prefer to come to the studio once, that is also possible.

Do you want to help others with as Artcoach  or give workshops yourself? Just let me know.


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"Action Painting" by appointment only.

Every year in the summer months we get started with Action Painting (throwing paint!).

Letting go is going with policy through activity. Outside, your canvas are laid out and you get various tools to get started. You can splash, throw, roll through ... follow your feeling. The only policy is the guidance to protect you and your environment :-) If you are interested in this, please send me an email or WhatsApp to +0031651757032